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Memorial Day

Monday May 27, 2013

Today being a holiday for everyone, I decided to sleep in a little later. I knew my plan for today but didn’t want to rush into it. After a leisurely breakfast of local berries with Greek yogurt and coffee, I called my aging parents in South Carolina. We talked for 59 minutes. They told me about all they were doing and several new stories of days gone by. I always try to get them to talk about things of the past, whether it is events or people. It keeps their minds more alert. Both of their long term memories are wonderful- just don’t ask them what they had for breakfast. My sweet mother will be celebrating her 84th birthday tomorrow.

Being Monday, the shop is always closed, but I went in today to clean and fluff. The local newspaper is sending a professional photographer into the shop tomorrow. I am so excited! The weekly Inside Business Magazine will have an article about the shop in next Monday’s edition. I will be profiled along with pictures of various vignettes of china and silver, as well as many other wonderful things from the shop. I was dressed in exercise shorts and tennis shoes but that didn’t stop people from coming into the shop. Two were repeats and it’s always nice to have repeat customers. This one particular couple came specifically for our small batch Jack Rudy Tonic Water from Charleston. They wanted to enjoy several gin and tonics this holiday evening but were missing a key ingredient: tonic. We love our Jack Rudy!! It’s non-carbonated, with an intense quinine flavor. The recipe says to add 1/2 ounce to gin or vodka and top with soda water. Fantastic! It’s so crisp and clean. We love it and I am confident we will go through many bottles this summer. Now it’s time to have a G & T myself! 


photo (38)

Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. -24$ a bottle