Oyster Roasting Season is Here!


Although the temperatures haven’t quite felt like Fall outside, the changing of the season brings us all sorts of fun sights, sounds, smells and tastes. Here at Table 7, we were inspired by Lorraine Eaton’s recent article in The Pilot about oyster roasts – one of this season’s must-dos (especially now since it’s officially oyster-harvesting time).

Lorraine has you covered for all the questions on what and how to prepare…but Table 7 has the what and how to serve it! Our mix and match tabletop accessories will pull any oyster roast together and really give your guests that wow factor. So here’s a few tips, from us to you!



Mason Jars  For your favorite Roast Cocktail and kid-friendly beverages. You can also use for flowers to decor tables. Throw a few of the shucked oyster shells in the water for some extra flair.



Jack Rudy Tonic  In case you need something to fill those Mason Jars with, Jack Ruddy is a good place to start. Check out their website for all sorts of great recipes, all very fitting for this event.


Picnic Basket  Transporting made easy, and cute. The baskets have built-in spots for silverware, plates, cups and room to spare. Each family attending can bring their own essentials packed in one bag (then the Moms can compare antqiue baskets!).



Seafood Forks  You won’t get very far at an Oyster Roast without these. We’ve got a nice collection for purchase or rent…But who doesn’t need a few around the house at all times?



Thermos  On the cooler Autumn afternoons, you will want to have some hot drinks on hand. We have a variety of thermoses to warm your brews and soups.



Table Runners  The burlap runners are new to the shop and couldn’t fit more perfectly with the theme of the oyster roast. The red-check variety adds great color to your tabletop decor, while not making your event too formal. And the chalkboard paper would be such a cute way to instruct newbie shuckers, describe sauces and sides or denote seating arrangements. Plus, these runners make for an extra-easy cleanup!



Dishes  Take the responsibility off your own collection, by renting these antique restaurant china plates. We have the standard and more-unique grill plates, which are